For residential rehab to be successful you have to be committed to it and ready to change your life. The commitment of the individual addict is key, as regardless of the quality of the rehab or the programme, to achieve and maintain sobriety the individual has to be dedicated to change.

A study published by the NHS National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse in 2012 showed success rates of between 60-80% for residential rehab centres. This means people completed treatment and were discharged positively.

Over the years addiction experts have affirmed that residential rehab treatment works better than other options available. This is because the environment is free of the distractions of everyday life and you can concentrate on getting well and developing coping tools for after your treatment.

The treatment provided through residential rehab enables the addict to take ownership of the situations that brought them to become addicted to substances. During that process, they take responsibility for their behaviour and the path to recovery to change that behaviour.

All the Choices rehab centres offer person-centric treatment to achieve the end goal of abstinence and hence the higher success ratio. Working with others in recovery means 24-hour support to continue the journey of supporting each other to abstinence. 


National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse (NHS)

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