J was a recent resident in our 12 Steps Project

The building itself and the grounds make it feel like a safe, warm, nurturing place where a broken soul can be secure to be vulnerable and start to repair.”


J was a recent resident in our 12 Steps Project, and she described it as being, “exactly what I needed, when I didn’t know what I needed… The whole essence of the rehab Community feels like… there is an air of humour, empathy and courage on site and these all were things I needed.

The content of my 16 weeks here was great. The 12 Step work was essential. I’d been trying and trying to do this on my own but I needed to get away from the noise and control of day-to-day life to let this become part of my routine, to change my thinking and to build trust in a Higher Power. Being able to attend so many meetings in the community was vital, as were the speakers invited into the Barn from the fellowship.

The work we did around other psychotherapy models was also essential as it gave me context to my story, my history, and understanding of how to re-write trauma, and courage to face my consequences. The therapeutic elements gave a great balance, I’m using many of the tools I learnt – breathing, exercise and outdoors especially. Shame I can’t have an alpaca of my own yet.

Finally, for me, I couldn’t have been lucky enough to have such a great counsellor in Denise, but above all else Tricia and Lucy. These two strong, real, women are a formidable force of recovery – the straight talking, gentle questioning and professionalism with real honest personalities encouraged me to get honest, to hurt and cry, to forgive and to see hope. Thank you  for such a great rehab and for all the staff you have in place. Every single one made an impact on me.

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